Top Ingredients for Making Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars

Are you searching for the best ingredients for making your favorite products like bath bombs, bubble bars, soaps or specialty shampoo or body wash?

bath bombs can help by providing great information about where to find, and how to choose the very best ingredients, like citric acid, vegetable glycerin, sodium bicarbonate, specialty foaming surfactants, so you can make the very best products!

We’ll cover popular ingredients and chemicals used to make  all your favorite bath bombs, bubble bars, lotions, and many other popular specialty cosmetics, and personal care products.  You’ll also find helpful tips and some formulations too!

Check out our posts on Citric Acid, Lanolin, Vegetable Glycerin, and many surfactants – like Sodium lauryl Sulfate and Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, Sodium Alginate, Allantoin, to help you get the best quality ingredients and chemicals for the best value!