Sodium Bicarbonate to use in bath bombs

Sodium Bicarbonate – Sourcing and Information

Are you looking for Sodium bicarbonate to  make and market the best bayj bombs and bubbly bath products you can? Do you use sodium bicarbonate to make bath bombs, and bath fizzies with sodium bicarbonate? Do you ever wonder if the sodium bicarbonate you are using is really the best? You have come to the right place! We can help you sort through all the information and find the top baking soda for use in your bath bombs and your other foaming bath fizzy products, and along with that – the best baking soda for anything you make for fun and profit.

Sodium Bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda is a big part of the formulation when making bath bombs and other fun fizzy bath products. As you probably know, citric acid, the other main ingredient,  and the sodium bicarbonate work together to create that great fizzy reaction when you set the bath bombs in the water. Having top quality ingredients makes all the difference between really great fizzy foaming bath bombs, and making up a batch of duds that just dissolve with no foaming or fizz.


How can you make SURE you get the very best baking soda for your bath bombs and fizzies? Here are a few helpful hints.

Always buy food grade sodium bicarbonate. Do not skimp when it comes to the grade of sodium bicarbonate you use. Many beginning bath bomb makers will make the mistake of going to a hardware store, or an animal feed store and purchase an animal feed grade sodium bicarbonate. Don’t make that mistake. Animal feed grade, although well suited for it’s intended use is totally wrong for bath bombs. Feed grade sodium bicarbonate has a very inconsistent granule size and will cause nothing but grief when making high quality bath bombs. Buy food grade sodium bicarbonate.

Look for baking soda from domestic US source(s). You will get the most consistent quality using US domestic sodium bicarbonate in all of your bath bombs and bath fizzy products. For that matter, if you are a baker, or make food products, you’ll profit from this advice as well. There are several good domestic sources for baking soda, and although one stands out as the “BEST,” there are many other producers that may work in a pinch.

The very best domestic source sodium bicarbonate for making any bath and body product, is hands down, the USP Powder # 1 from Church and Dwight, the brand name is Arm and Hammer. It  has the most consistent particle size, and the most consistent quality of any baking soda we have tested.

Church & Dwight has been making the  ARM & HAMMER brand products for almost 160 years. Austin Church, a physician, and John Dwight, his brother-in-law, began selling their high-quality sodium bicarbonate to grocers in New York City since 1847.

We have made thousands of bath bombs and the bath bombs  made using the Arm and Hammer brand USP # 1 powder, coupled with the correct, top quality,  fine  free flowing citric acid,  has consistently produced the best fizz.

If you are buying sodium bicarbonate for bath bombs, and your supplier does not point out the exact brand being sold, always ask. They may just shop around for the best prices on baking soda and never carry a consistent product. And they do that on other ingredients as well.  If that is the case – shop elsewhere.

You can try to source your sodium bicarbonate locally. If you are unsure of the quality, or can not find the exact one we recommend, here are websites where the company clearly identifies the sodium bicarbonate, offered as the best one we have used, the Arm and hammer brand USP # 1 powder.

Buying the cheapest “no name” ingredients when  you want to make really top quality products does not work. Check out these resources for top quality sodium bicarbonate whether for cooking, cleaning, or making your favorite bath bombs, bubble bars or other fun products you make for yourself or for profit.

  1.  advertises they sell Arm and Hammer baking soda exclusively, along with many other bath bomb making ingredients.
  2. has  Arm and Hammer USP # 1 powder on their site and also offer many other top quality bath bomb making ingredients

Here is a video showing an easy way to make your own bath bombs. All of the supplies – from the sodium bicarbonate, to the citric acid, to the colors can all be found on the above websites.




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