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Citric Acid

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Citric Acid, a common weak organic acid, known also as an acidulant is used in a very wide range of products. Citric Acid is derived from  naturally occurring acids in many fruits and vegetables, and also from patented processes involving particular strains of a glucose process. The formula for citric acid is C₆H₈O₇.

Citric Acid is one of the largest produced ingredients in the world, with a reported  one million tons made world wide.  Over half of all the citric acid in the world is used in beverages to adjust the pH, and enhance the flavors. Another  common use for citric acid is to add tartness or  “sour ” taste in foods and popular candies. Thus, another name for citric acid, is “sour salt.”

In addition to food and beverage uses, citric acid gained popularity in the world of personal care and bath products. Whether the producer is a home chemist, or a small business, or a major manufacturer all of these may find a use for citric acid to adjust the pH of products, or make bath products like bath bombs or bubble bars, or any number of other concoctions blended up with other easy to procure ingredients like cream of tartar, sodium bicarbonate, and colors and fragrances.


  When you source citric acid pay attention to several very key factors:

  • Where  is the  citric acid sourced from? If you are buying citric acid from a foreign country and the material has to be brought over on ships, there is a possibility moisture could lessen the quality of the citric acid. 
  • Secondly, when was the citric acid manufactured? Older material, no matter where it was produced, may quickly harden and become unusable depending on the granular size and other factors. Always buy the freshest, newest material to insure you are getting your money’s worth.
  • What about the particle size?  Sometimes the particle size of the citric acid can really mean the difference in your end product. Particle size may not matter at all if you are just diluting the citric acid in water and making a citric acid and water blend. But if your end product, bath bombs for example, require a particular look or feel then then citric acid particle size really does matter.

Always make sure your citric acid is free flowing and easy to use.

No matter what particle size you choose, you will always come out ahead  checking out your sources of citric acid closely. Find out where the product comes from, what the particle or grain size is, and making sure the supplier only ships you free flowing citric acid that is easy to use for whatever your application is

Here  are a few sources for Citric Acid we have found that always stock domestic/ US made Citric Acid, that is always free flowing and easy to use.

  1. – Fine citric Acid. Always Free flowing. US Sourced. Also can special order particular particle sizes and grades as needed
  2. – Excellent quality, always freeflowing citric acid at good prices.

Are you looking for great bath bomb recipes and bubble bar recipes? Check back soon and we will post several.

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