Bath Bomb Presses information and sourcing


Bath Bomb Presses information and sourcing

Are you making bath bombs by hand? Have you thought about buying a manual or a pneumatic bath bomb press, but you are just not sure how to select one or which one to buy? Review our bath bomb press information and sourcing guide for help.

Review our detailed information about selecting the best  bath bomb press for you or your company!

Buying a bath bomb press can be a big step to take if you are a small business owner making bath bombs by hand on a daily basis. As you grow, and work to  keep up with heavier production demands you may need to buy new equipment like a bath bomb press or hire more employees. A manual or a pneumatic bath bomb press might be just the answer.

If you decide to buy new equipment, like a bath bomb press, the costs of the press, molds, and compressor to run the pneumatic press can quickly add up.

If you decide to buy a bath bomb press, you might look at manual bath bomb presses and pneumatic, or air powdered, presses.

manual bath bomb press

With the manual bath bomb presses, you are the “power” and  simply use a lever action to create some leverage to the mold which will compress the bath bomb mixture in to the mold and form the bath bomb. make sure the manual bath bomb press has sturdy parts, especially where moving parts join together to create the leverage and pressure. Ensure sure the press has a strong base. And as you review the base and back make sure the parts are joined together with solid joining techniques – whether welded or bolted.  Most good quality manual bath bomb presses will be made of sturdy metal (usually aluminum) parts and high density plastic.

Pneumatic Bath Bomb Press – what to CONSIDER

If you’ve made the decision to move up to a pneumatic bath bomb press the points to consider are similar. You’ll want to look at the quality of the materials used in construction of the press. The base and bracing holding it together typically will be built of a strong aluminum. Sometimes the bases will be welded together where they join, and sometimes the joints of the machine will be screwed together. Either type of joint will work as long as the press structure is rigid and stays together.  Pneumatic bath bomb presses will have several hoses and connectors to inspect. Check these hoses and connectors closely. The hoses and connectors will run from your air compressor fitting, over to  safety buttons and a lever operating the  air controlled piston up and down. Make sure all of these parts and the hoses connecting them are connected snug and built in a way that they will stay intact.

Take time to inspect the pneumatic bath bomb press in person rather than just looking at it online if possible. And ask the vendor to let you operate the press to make doubly sure it is the one for you.

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