Sodium Alginate uses in bath bombs and beauty products

Sodium Alginate uses in bath bombs and bath products

Sodium Alginate is an all natural product made by purification of  a brown seaweed growing in cold water regions. It is a carbohydrate useful in a many applications – from the dyeing of textiles, to food uses, and now even in bath and beauty products.

Sodium Alginate Powder

​Sodium Alginate has several unique uses in  bath and body applications. Since it easily thickens, and creates gels, and adds foam, there a lot of possibilities using this great additive.

Sodium Alginate is easy to use since it is a cold water soluble, and easily blends with agitation. Sodium alginate is a gelling agent and thickener, and can help a formulator create durable resilient gel or jelly like substance in water when the bath products are put in water.

Another benefit of using sodium alginate is that it has no flavor or odor. Since there’s no flavor or odor it probably won’t “gross out” the person using the product. Plus, if there’s no fragrance or taste you can create recipes with your favorite fragrances and colors. Sodium alginate creates foam which can be a positive in bath products.

Try using sodium alginate in bath products today and see what you can create from this unique and popular additive.

To get started using sodium alginate in bath bombs, try  adding sodium alginate in the same amount as your citric acid. Experiment with a batch and see what you think of the water consistency after using that amount in your revised bath bomb recipe.

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