Magnesium Myristate How to use, and where to find

Magnesium Myristate

Magnesium Myristate

Magnesium Myristate is a fine white powder, a fatty acid derived from myristaic acid.  It is used as a dry binder in personal care and cosmetics products.  The strong cohesive properties of dry binders like the magnesium myristate make them easier to disperse allowing the formulator to more easily make products and decrease the amount of lipids. They are also hydrophobic, and simplify the pressing of powder ingredients together.

Myristic Acid and its salts and esters are  used in all kinds of  makeup, soaps,  hair and skin care, and nail care products, shaving products and many other types of finished goods formulated for  personal care, with magnesium myristate being the most popular.

What is Magnesium Myristate Used for?

Magnesium Myristate is used in a variety of products, namely cosmetics, lipsticks , hair, and skin care formulations.  It  adds many benefits and enhancements to products. It  enhances cosmetics with several key benefits.

  • It improves adhesion, and does so without changing shades and colors of products when using micas and specialty dyes for example.
  • Magnesium Myristate enhances the feel better of products making it creamier, by adding emolliency.
  • It helps improving the “slip,” and glide of products.
  • The products it is added to go together better because the magnesium myristate makes it so all the ingredients can be pressed and bound together, making them more stable over a longer period of time versus not using it.
  • It holds the product together, while being translucent allowing the colors to come through.

Typically, when using magnesium myristate in dry applications use “as is;” and in liquid formulations add it to the fatty phase of the formulas typically by dissolving in warm alcohol).

Typical Specifications

Magnesium Myristate is hydrophobic, not water soluble. Soluble in warm alcohol, miscible in oils

CAS: 557-04-0

The INCI Name is Magnesium stearate

Appearance: Fine White Powder

Odor – Typical odor of a fatty acid.

Shelf Life – 1 Year if properly stored in a tight sealed container at ambient temperature.

For External Use only

Sources: Pure cosmetic grade Magnesium Myristate is sold by these two  key vendors. 


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