Sourcing Ingredients for Bath and Body Products

Sourcing the Best Ingredients for Bath and Body Products

There’s so much information to wade through when you are trying to find the best information to get the very best ingredients for bath and body!

Our goal at is to help you find good, relevant information quickly about the wide variety of  ingredients you need. Whether you are getting started making your own custom cosmetics,  bath bombs, and need great information, or maybe you want to look for more natural ingredients, we hope we can make finding the information quicker and easier.

When searching for sources for the best ingredients to make bath and body products, it is best, at least in the beginning, to avoid sites where the Seller does not have a real “store front,” that displays where the seller is from, how long they  have been in business, and details that point to some experience selling the products you need, and some longevity in the ingredient business. As you get started making your own custom bath and body products, buy direct from a reliable seller with experience, and good information about the ingredients you are sourcing.

Making your own cosmetics, and bath and body products can be a very fun, and profitable hobby, or business. The more you know about the ingredients, and where to buy them will help get you going in the right direction quicker, and help you find the very best values on good ingredients to use.  Always remember, to make the very best products, you need to start with the right ingredients, and the best quality ingredients.

Check our site to find good information on a wide variety of ingredients, from Citric Acid, Glycerin,to magnesium myristate, Sodium Alginate . We even have a few easy starter formulas, for bath bombs and some hair and skin care products  too!

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